Esoteric Stuff


raw index (sometimes i don't put things into this list, but they're in the directory)

High-Intensity, Low-Profile Dynamo-Based Bike Lighting

Magnetic Sculpture

3D printing

shuffle - empirical evaluation of some different shuffling algorithms

random prediction - experiment w/ predicting a skewed random stream


tom swifties!

password generator - client-side tool for easily creating unique, non-predictable passwords

arbitrary base conversion in javascript

bike rides

a javascript gravity simulation

jacob's ladder

atmospheric halos

sudoku solver



nutty tiles

fun with photoshop

generic script for mouse-tracking eyes

where is the sun?

magic relationship predictor

    so much for things of any conceivable interest to anyone.
    now for the really pathetic stuff!

2d gaussian distribution of random points

representing very large numbers in eight bits

infinite sums

monterey surf conditions

bets. listed here. listed here now.

page for testing tiled backgrounds.