Exotic Halos Seen Over San Francisco !
June 1, 2006 7:00pm

Inexpressible thanks to Mykle for being the man on the ball
and phoning me up not once but twice when he saw sundogs from Siobhan's rooftop!
Thanks also to Siobhan for having a rooftop 'n stuff.

So Mykle saw sundogs but by the time i got out to the sky they weren't there so much.

But what were there were some pretty awesome halos!


okay. admittedly these were faint almost to the point of hallucination, but i'm pretty sure they were there.

i got one photo, which actually came out better than i expected.
it's here in various sizes, and with/without labels on the various halos.
i've dickied the color slightly, but only a very tiny bit.


huge! huge!

and here's an image by Marko Riikonen showing all of the things i think were present today, and then some.
(note - i *think* he's got a supralateral arc here, and not the 46° halo)

halos are basically caused by tiny crystals of ice in the atmosphere. lots more info is at the halosim homepage.