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experimental and noisish stuff

433_200.m3u aka 433_200.mp3
Cover of John Cage's four minutes thirtythree seconds using speech samples from online talking dictionaries, ala

frequencybomb_300.m3u aka frequencybomb_300.mp3
- made using a machine i built for buzz which simply produces a tone which varies very slightly over time. This song is two such machines slightly out of sync, one on the left and one on the right. The result is changing 'beat patterns' which are audible only with both the right and left channels playing. Also, i recorded each channel to CD and re-sampled it while physically impeding the CD player.
if you are interesting in copies or source code for this machine, contact moi.200109
actually, i think this would be a lot more interesting without the CD impedence.

sundaytwelveam.m3u aka sundaytwelveam.mp3
- recorded into the answering machine then played that back into this cheesy little toy sampler, then back into the answering machine as so on. Then remixed via fruityloops & acid. yo. 200108
oh yeah, also has me playing the saw and samples of flickers and other woodpecker type birds.