Kinetic Magnet Sculpture


This is an array of 64 disk-shaped high-density rare-earth magnets hanging on fine filaments. The frame is made entirely of wood; no metal or glue. Wooden pegs hold the joints together.
The original idea was that as the frame turns in the wind, the magnets would constantly orient along Earth's magnetic field, but also interact with each other. In practice, the effects of the local geometry and neighboring magnets greatly overpowers Earth's field.

This is definitely a work-in-progress: the magnetic nature of the disks isn't revealed unless a person manually spins one of the disks. Then the interplay of neighboring fields can be seen as the disturbance propogates across the array. (see video)
This is fine at home, but it's not really suitable for public installations.
My plan is to add an additional powerful fixed magnet suspended above the array, mounted to a solar-powered slowly rotating spindle. Depending on the space, air-currents could also power the spinning.