printing a dodecahedron box

First, model a dodecahedron box in your fancy 3D modeller.
I use Cheetah 3D.

Do a test print in PLA plastic on the Cube printer.

Looks good, setup a print for the fancy printer.
The print time is mostly a function of height alone,
so I add several copies horizontally.

The fancy printer at work.
The print is made of plastic, with a supporting matrix of solid wax.
(No Picture: wait 11.5 hours)

Printed !
(But embedded in wax and stuck to the printing plate)

Pop the prints off the printing plate by putting it in the freezer for a while.

Still embedded in wax.

Melting the wax off: One hour at 75°C.

Wax off !
No Photo: washing the remaining wax off in Soy Orange solvent.

Enjoy responsibly with friends.