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Monday, June 20, 2005

John Updike

Michelle recommended that i pick up John Updike's The Poorhouse Fair at a used book sale we were at, and i did and boy am i glad. It's such a treasure to find a good author whom you haven't read yet. The Poorhouse Fair is a very well written portrait of aging, basically. Altho to some degree i ahve the sense that it may not be about that at all and i'm not reading deep enough! Haha. Anyhow. Updike's tone is for the most part breezy and comfortable, and he only strays into overt metaphysics once or twice.

Am back to Tolkien and the Great War, which is good.

Michelle also happened upon a copy of Songs of a Dead Dreamer which seems to be the same edition as the one i have but in worse condition, for sale for about $100 on the internet! huh!

Go blow off some steam by making up a few Tom Swifties !


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