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Thursday, September 08, 2005

kim stanley robinson sucks

i just want to say real quick that Kim Stanley Robinson (red/green/blue mars trilogy, antarctica) is one of the crappiest authors going in quality science-fiction today. he's got a real flair for addressing the tedious, the tediously political, the tediously psychointerpersonal, and especially the tediously geologic. KIM: What is it with you and describing every pebble in every layer of strata of every crater or glacier on mars or antarctica ? you describe them well, but once or possibly twice is enough. Per Book mind, Not Per Page. your interest in political and interpersonal intrigue is promising, but WOW do you make it uninteresting. I think it might do you some good to write a real flight-of-fancy novel. Break free from the near-future stuff you've been doing with mars & the cold place. write about time travel or aliens for gosh sakes. Posit a future with no senate-sub-committee analogues. (He actually writes about senate sub-committees, folks) Or maybe just take some drugs or something. PLEASE, stop producing crap like Antarctica. Thank you.

i should add that since Mykle is unexpectedly and disappointingly not going to antarctica this season, Kai got him K.S.Robinson's Antarctica sort of in-lieu, and it's been hanging out in the bathroom. i haven't actually read it, but i've thumbed thru it at leisure, and which see the above.


  • i just saw this post. ahem. "one of the crappiest authors going in quality science-fiction today"?? is that even an insult?

    okay antarctica was shit but how about the martians? how about the martian constitution? how about the realism? okay all the big man stuff was also shit. but do you really need time travel or aliens with all yr sci-fi? i for one get enough sci-fi-drug-lit from p k dick. i find k s robsinson's, um, thoroughness, refreshing.

    do you think that there is some weird utopian future where no sub committees exist?

    is this aimed at me? did you deliberately not raise this with me directly but instead choose to publish it in yr blog?

    By Anonymous grover g grover, at 9:27 PM  

  • "how about the martians?"


    "how about the martian constitution?"

    Total shit.

    "how about the realism?"

    The "realism" wasn't realistic, it was the deranged rants of some socialist hack, and thus complete and utter, soft and squishy, shit.

    By Blogger Jason Kauppinen, at 10:04 AM  

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