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Thursday, September 08, 2005

weird reading/travel coincidences

this is really just me kind of bragging about how much i've travelled lately, but maybe if i write that right at the front it'll like not be so.

so i've made 4 flights in the last um 8 or 9 months:
marseilles, philadelphia, boston, and am currently in houston.

in marseilles, i was reading The Destiny of Isabelle Eberhardt, which large portions of take place in marseille.

in philly i forget what i was reading. not much, i think.

in boston however, i was reading Infinite Jest, which large portions of take place in. like specific street intersections and stuff. like the giant "Citgo" neon sign.

and now in houston, i'm still reading IJ, which has no portions in texas, But it does refer to the "Whataburger" fast food chain, which i'd assumed was fiction, but lo! Houston is crawling with Whataburgers.

that's all.


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