Penny Game         This comes from Peter Ralph.

The game starts with two random piles of pennies.
On their turn, each player can either:
  • Remove as many pennies as they please from one pile

  • or

  • Remove as many pennies as they please from both piles,
    but the same number from each pile.
The winner is the one who removes the last penny.

Player 1
Player 2
Maximum Pennies Per Pile:
Pile A   Pile B



Game History
How To Play

  • First, enter your names.
        You can also use 'Computer'

  • Next, click 'New Game'

  • Next, look over the Rules again, and take turns making moves!

  • The computer player plays by pre-generating a list of special moves.
    It's pretty good.
    It's fun to have computer versus computer.
    man, it takes a long time to build these HTML user interfaces !
    this game has a snazzier implementation at cut-the-knot.